Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I've been getting really bad about sleep discipline, staying up until I crash, then sleeping in until I feel rested, just because I could. Waking up at 630am on Thursday, and knowning that I'm going to be driving for 12 hours today, interesected poorly with that lifestyle. I was glitching out over lunch, so I turned in right around sunset (4:30pm, this far north).

I know I slept, went thru a number of dream cycles, etc. When I did finally "wake up", it felt like it was about 4am. Nope, 11pm. Crap.

The rest of the household just got back from a party (at lumiere's I think?)

Well, I can finish packing and prepping anyway.

I'm considering coming back before the New Year.

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