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Mark Atwood
Gym. Session 26 of 124. Legs.
I've mentioned before how much I late lunges. It's still true.

I mentioned to the trainer the strain I was feeling in my knees while doing them, so he and I worked on correcting my form. The good part is, when I do them right now, my knees dont hurt. The bad part is, doing them right moves the work from my relatively strong quads, to the backs of my thighs and up into my ass. And then The free squats and leg presses we pushed hard in weight. I predict much soreness the day after tomorrow.

Oh, and I forgot to take my creatine again. I was forcably reminded the instant my muscles caught fire. Must Not Forget.

And I locked my keys in my Jeep. I have a spare key, which I normally carry in an inner pocket, but I had taken it out prior to my last airtravel experience, and hadn't gotten around to putting it back. One AAA surcharge (I've gone over the annual limit for field calls), I was back on the road.
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