Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The Seattle Storm (no, not the WBNA team)

I love my commute. My desk is right at the foot of my bed.

Seattle has spent the day being lashed by Weather with a capital Wet. Pouring rain, severe gusting winds, heavy overcast, and apparently, hidden above the clouds, the aurora. The National Weather Service has set of heavy weather warnings in effect. And right now upwards of 40k people in area are without power.

The only time I went out into it was to help soloming manhandle his motorcycle into the carriage house. I wore my Carhart jacket and hat (black, of course), which shed the water and wind well, but my jeans were soaked through in only a couple of minutes.

Did I mention how much I love my commute?

This afternoon the wind blew enough water under the side door to minorly flood Sol's bedroom and the computer rack. Sol quickly sorted and put up his stuff, and krow pumped and mopped the rack area. Nothing seems permanently damanged, and we lost internet for only a short interval.

It was nice enough in the early evening that the hot tub did get used. But the wind kept dumping leaves and junk into it. I thought I was mostly clear of it, but the post-soak shower indicated otherwise, washing off an unsettling amount of bits of leaves.

Right now the windows are literally rattling with the gusts. I'm glad the power and the heat are on. I hope they stay on.
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