Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Life. Seafood, and Sexy Balls

Capitol Music downtown is relocating from their skanky location to the Belltown neighborhood, so they're having a huge sale. I got there Friday afternoon, and they were well picked over, but there was still good stuff. If I was drawing a salary right now, I probably would have got a new piano, they had a nice Yamaha performance grade synth piano for a thousand and change. I picked up some books of piano classics for myself, and some for a friend who had asked for some.

Fish Friday at elfs & omahas, was yummy, clams and tomatos over noodles. The original bag of clams had died and was thus unsafe, so Omaand I dashed to the last local grocery store that still had their seafood section open, and cleaned them out of clams. We were all pretty wiped after dinner, so after putting Kouryou to bed, and then 3 rounds of "Give Me The Brain", we all turned in.

The next day, after spending a pleasent morning with them, I went to SeaTac to pick up kespernorth and chemicallace from their trip to Israel. He was dead tired, she had slept most of the way. On the drive back to their place, I mentioned I was going to Cirque du Noc that evening, and she was interested, so I invited her to come with me. They treated me to Anna Purna for the ride, and then I dropped them off.

Then to home, to feed and pet the cats, and change into fun clothes. I elected to break out the new man's kimono I just got. (eBay is the place to get inexpensive nice clothing from the far east). Coordinated with chemicallace, and picked her up at her place. She was wearing a lovely skirt, cloak, corset, and hairsticks with hangy-thingees.

Cirque du Noc was a bit smaller this year, but still fun, and fun to people watch. I introduced Allyson to everyone I knew (I could labor for an hour here and remember which of you all we saw, and recall your LJ handles, but I will forbear), we looked at and fondled lots of the kewl-stuff on the dealer's tables, watched the Circus Contraption interludes (damn those people are sexy, muscular, lithe, and flexy), watched the Fashion Show (hot clothes on hot girls), and then danced at the Ball.

We left at midnight, when we decided we had seen about everyone. I look her home, and dropped her off back into the care of a very sleepy Bjorn.

When I got home, I found the hot tub in operation, and so climbed in myself. Mmm, hot tub...
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