Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

A bowling ball

Ever since moving into the AlohaHaus, most every Monday night I go bowling with krow and some of his friends. A few months ago I was given a pair of bowling shoes that fit me well, thus eleminating a significant percentage of the expense of going, and a major part of the annoyance factor. (Wearing a rented pair of shoes? Ick.)

I've now eliminated most of the rest of the external annoyance factor, hunting around each week for a house ball that will fit my hand but not pull out my shoulder.

jezel gave me a ball that she had picked up at K-mart last year, at a "we're no longer selling bowling sporting supplies" sale, and Wednesday afternoon I had it drilled out to specifically fit my hand.

It's the difference between buying cheap ill-fitting off-the-rack clothes, and having something altered to fit.

Now there is only once source of annoyance left...

I'm not very good at bowling.
Tags: bowling

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