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Mark Atwood

Six Days. Beth and Thanksgiving.

Tuesday. Music, Knitting, Math, and Beth.

At piano lesson, I didn't have my music. So instead we did scale construction theory, and some sight reading. Then I went to weekly knitting at Fiber Gallery. And then to Paul's for weekly Knuth. We made good progress.

I hung out after that at his place until it was time to go to airport, where I picked up gipsieee. She'd flown back from Virginia where she's going to school, to spend the next four days here in Seattle. When I picked her up at the curb, she was a self-described "hunchback", wearing a gorgous woolen hooded cape over a heavy backpack.


Assorted stuff happened.

Brian dug out the hot tub chemistry, and taught me how to use it. tonyawinter came over to help break it in. It wasn't quite warm enough, but it was ok. The need for a roof over it (rainfall and leaves falling aren't all that sexy), and the need for some well placed trellises (we have sightlines to some random neighbors) was discussed.

Thursday. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving feast at the AlohaHaus. It was vegan potluck, and still was very good.

The evening ended in the hottub. We're still not being all that successful at keeping it up at 104. We suspect that one of the pumps isnt working, and the thermostat isn't working right.

Friday. "Black Friday", "Buy Nothing", and Games Night at the AlohaHaus

For "Black Friday", we celebrated "Buy Nothing" instead.

The evening was a house games night. I played a lot of Bonanza, and of Blokus, and a game of combined Chez Geek and Chez Goth. According to the catalog, there is also a "Chez Grunt". I wonder what pheonix_jade would think of it...

The night ended with a bunch of warm bodies in the hottub, which still wasn't hot enough. The last two in were myself and paraventur.

Saturday. Dinner at the Pedros.

In the morning, I drove Sol and Beth around for errands. Mainly, to Weaving Works. The local farmers market was surprisingly open, so we bought produce, and I got some bottled stuff for the dinner that night.

In the late afternoon, I headed myself down south to the Pedros, for their chosen-family thanksgiving feast. I encountered the Sternbergs en route. I was glancing down at my map, and heard a shout and saw waving out the corner of my eye, and it was them, with the girls, waving. So I followed them in.

It was a fun and full crowd, and was an excellent and filling meat-based feast, prepared by the wonderful shastaw.

j5nn5r and omahas and I hung out together in his hottub after. That's 4 days in a row for me to be in a tub, and this one was warm enough.

Sunday. Taking Bethieee home.

When I dragged out of bed, I learned that it had snowed this morning, and then melted off.

krow invited us all to a cheap showing of "Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest", up in Shoreline. It was a fun and exciting movie. Maybe not as good as the first, but well worth watching with friends. When we got out of the theater, snow was again falling. And this time it was sticking.

We spent the afternoon and evening quietly hanging out together, knitting, me working at the piano, falling asleep on the couch, and such. tugger came over to say `bye to Bethieee.

At 9pm, she said `bye to Sol, and then I drove her to the airport. Instead of coming right back home, I've stopped at the OnlineCoffee on CapHill to compose this LJ entry.

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