Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Return, Sewage, Heave, and Forgotten Items. Life goes on...

I returned home safe last night. While it was nice to visit my family, it was also nice to sleep again in my own bed, with my own cats.

Right after I unloaded my stuff, I headed over to kespernorth's and chemicallace's place. I picked up Bjorn, we went over to Queen Anne, where a big old high school is being converted to condos, picked up a used file cabinet there, came back to the CapHill, enjoyed a sushi dinner, took the cabinet to his place, and then he and I and Allyson heaved it up to the top of their loft.

Today, the toilet on the 2nd floor backed up. I tried plunging it out, without much success. And then turned the tool over to krow, who while also trying, told me "If this toilet overflows, it floods straight down into the kitchen", at which point he reached out and hit the flush lever. You can guess what happened next... I am very glad it wasn't my mess in the bowl, and that it wasn't me that hit the lever. Poor solomoning, down in the kitchen, had been making cookies. After we finally got the fixture flowing again, krow, Sol, and I washed and sanitized all the affected items and surfaces. When Amy came home, she was told what happened, and then she proceeded to again wash and sanitize everything. I bet if someone tells Christine about it, she will also want to wash everything...

Also, Brian and Sol and I muscled the new hottub into place onto the concrete slab, which had been finished while I was gone. It was heavy and awkward, and I can feel in my muscles now that I don't need to go to the gym today. We're going to let the concrete cure for one more day before filling the tub. Which is fine, since the electrican won't be back to finish the wiring `till tomorrow. But hey, we're just a couple of days away from having a hottub!

I discovered what I left behind in Utah. It's just the way the universe works, something always gets left behind. My piano music. I'll have them mail it back to me, and I will just have to do sightreading with Mr Henry tomorrow. Which is sufficient punishment for forgetting it.
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