Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I was, once again, a lazy slug this morning, not actually getting going until about 3pm.

Once I did get moving, I did get quite a few chores done, including vacuuming. My cats hate it, but I kind of enjoy the process, as I have a "water capture" style vacuum cleaner, and it's very cathartic to fill the bowl with clear water, do a room, and then pour a bowl of sludge into the dumpster. I also pushed several loads of laundry, and did grocery shopping.

On the way back from the grocery store, I stopped at my gym, and did 60m on the elliptical trainer. I had noted in the past that 1l of water is not enough for 60m of work, so this time I brought and filled three 1l bottles. That was just the right amount, 1l every 20m, even tho I was just a bit waterlogged when I was done. But that's better than being dry-throat thirsty, and having the lack of hydration screwing up the painfully developed fat metabolism that I was trying to trigger.

I'm thinking about moving my crosstrainer time to the mornings. Maybe wake up an hour earlier, and do it prior to breakfast and the morning shower. One of the advantages of having my gym so close to my home. (Yes, I know I could do something like bike to work, but I much prefer an EC to a bike for exercise. It feels better, and it's a lot safer.)

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