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Mark Atwood
Gym. Legs.
Today at the gym was legs. It would have been yesterday, but yesterday I barely had enough motivation to eat.

  • Leg Circuit, x3
    • Machine Leg Curl 105lb
    • Machine Leg Lift 105lb
    • Machine Calves Press 300lb
  • Hip Circuit, x3
    • Machine Hip Adductors
    • Machine Hip Abductors
  • Suspended Ab Lift, x3
    • center
    • left
    • right
  • Ab Board, x1 (the suspended abs wiped me)
    • center
    • left
    • right
  • Cross Trainer, 15min

Todo, for reporting. Get a good pair of scales and weigh myself each morning. And start recording and reporting my metrics on the crosstrainer.


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