Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

A slice of a dream, after waking.

After working late a few hours, I came home, thawed out dinner, and settled down with my current nonfiction read, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. (I wish there was an Edwards certified instructor teaching the 5 day intensive class in Seattle, darnit. I'd even take the week off work for it.). After a few chapters, I dozed off.

And woke up awhile later midway through a dream. I don't remember much about the whole course of the dream now, but I do remember it seemed very coherent. The point that I woke up, I do remember: I had just gotten home from someplace, and from the balcony up and across from me, my roommate and upstairs neighbor invited me to join them in the hottub.

Except, I've never lived in, or even remember visiting, a multi-unit dwelling with the configuration this one had, having a hot tub on a wooden balcony doesn't make sense, I don't have a roommate, I've never had a female roomate, the two girls in the dream were very "real" but I have no idea where my dream mind constructed their image from, and there were no sexual overtones, even tho they were both nude (as is natural and normal for hottubbing).


When I do have my own private place, owning a tub is pretty close to the top of luxuries to get. Darn it, I want one now.

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