Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Gym. Friday. Back & Shoulders.

Today was the back and shoulders circuit. I've been working on getting us to the gym earlier, and we were there at 10am today.

  1. Circuit, 8x3
    1. Low Back Machine, 270lb
    2. Rotary Shoulder Machine, 90lb
    3. Rotary Lat Machine, 90lb
    4. Machine Seated Row, 90lb
  2. Static Ab Raise, front, left, right
  3. Static Ab Crunch, front, left, right
  4. Crosstrainer, 25min

I am occationally told that posting my gym workouts is inspiring to other people. Is it? I think it is to me, to see other's. If any of y'all are working outas well, share! Post what you do.
Tags: gym

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