Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Bits of my day.

Went to the recurring GCSS meeting, where the topic was merger of the GCSS into the GLBT Community Center, which will make the Seattle GLBT CC the largest org of it's type in the country. It seems all positives from my POV. I hadn't realized that Camp Ten Trees was a GCSS project.

Watched Underworld: Evolution with the rest of the house. It wasn't bad for an ultraviolent modern sexy monster movie.

45 minutes on the crosstrainer at the gym.

Stayed up late last night doing research on [REDACTED]. I can do this, and it will be cool.

Rescheduled my recurring date with O to a different Thursday. Probably just as well, I started fading fast this evening.

There was some guy ranting and pacing in front of the post office this morning. Ranting and screaming so loud he was so hoarse that it was almost impossible to understand him. The only phrase I was able to parse was "I am a human being". Yeah, and, so?

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