Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


My brother pheonix_jade called me this morning, to get his LJ password. So now he can start posting himself again, instead of relaying handwritten letters thru me.

Gym was chest. But for some reason, could only do 2 sets of the evil chest circuit.

Finished reading The Atrocity Archive today, which is maybe a little odd because I read it's sequel, The Jennifer Morgue, last month.

Went over to intrepid_reason's place, were I enjoyed chicken cordon blu, artichokes, homemade cookies, and television. "Heros" and "Venture Brothers".

Oh, and my severance check came today. I feel stupid for not realizing it ahead of time, but I was kind of pissed to discover/realize that Uncle Sugar was going to take his regular huge bite. Fucking retiring boomers, and fucking Saint FDR.

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