Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

SIP to LJ, at last!

LJ has an "official" SIP/IAX2 gateway now, for making VoicePosts.

In the past, the only ways in were via the PSTN gateways (aka "ordinary telephone numbers"), and the GizmoProject gateway at or (use "**7476267097" from FWD).

Now that LJ has an open gateway, if you have VoIP SIP softphone (FWD.Communicator, Gizmo, SJphone, LinPhone, X-Lite, Windows Live Messanger, Apple iChat AV, etc etc), or an VoIP ATA that can "dial" an IP number, or an IAX client (such as IAXcomm or Asterisk), or a "connected" PDA (WinCE devices, etc, (maybe with additional 3rd party software)), you call "dial"


or to


If you have a Cisco ATA18x, you can probably dial it as "1**204*9*177*24#". If you have a Sipura ATA, you can probably dial it as "1*204*9*177*24*5061#". There are similar dialing strings you can use with other ATAs and VoIP hardphones.
Tags: geek, lj

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