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Extremely Geeky Rant, about Inkscape, C++, and ELF

My installation of inkscape has stopped working. Dunno when, exactly. Probably my most recent massive "yum update" did it.

I finally figured out why. It's described here as Inkscape written in C++ ( uses libgtkspell (written in C) uses enchant (written in C) uses aspell written in C++ ( -> crash

I now officially wish painful boils onto the misdesigners of ELF (it was their fuckup that causes that crash, see rant here), on the people who designed C++ and it's misshapen inbred ABI, the implementors of the GNU C++ standard library, and whoever wrote the aspell RPM without noting the dependency on compat-libstdc++-33, and whoever decided that a vector draw program really really needed to spellcheck words.


(And no pointing and laughing from the Gentoo folks, this can burn you guys too...)
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