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Mark Atwood
Extremely Geeky Rant, about Inkscape, C++, and ELF
My installation of inkscape has stopped working. Dunno when, exactly. Probably my most recent massive "yum update" did it.

I finally figured out why. It's described here as Inkscape written in C++ (libstdc++.so.6) uses libgtkspell (written in C) uses enchant (written in C) uses aspell written in C++ (libstdc++.so.5) -> crash

I now officially wish painful boils onto the misdesigners of ELF (it was their fuckup that causes that crash, see rant here), on the people who designed C++ and it's misshapen inbred ABI, the implementors of the GNU C++ standard library, and whoever wrote the aspell RPM without noting the dependency on compat-libstdc++-33, and whoever decided that a vector draw program really really needed to spellcheck words.


(And no pointing and laughing from the Gentoo folks, this can burn you guys too...)

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed

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elfs From: elfs Date: August 28th, 2006 03:49 am (UTC) (Link)
Yah, in fact I had this happen to me yesterday. Not only that, but in my case, it was a failure of eject to run 'umount' properly because umount needed a library from dbus that had been upgraded out from underneath it with a borked ABI. This was particularly annoying because it corrupted by iPod's filesystem. Not too bad, it's just vFat 32 and I only lost a total of five files out of 3800 music and audio files.

Unfortunately, one of those five was the iTunesDB, meaning it took eight hours to scan the ID3 tags of every file on the thing and rebuild the database from scratch.

And now it turns out that the only sequence that will work without corrupting the iPod requires that I mount the iPod as user, but must eject (not umount!) the iPod as root.
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