Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The past few days


So I interviewed at RedFin. They may just have some work that I can do that I would enjoy doing. I also stopped by SourceLabs, where kespernorth works, since I was in the neighborhood.

The biggest risk of working around here? Elliot Bay Books is right around the corner...


Gym. Legs. And abs. But every gym day is abs.

Then paperwork. Specifically, the expense reports for my trip right before I got laid off. Then to Kirkland to turn them in. Then to Issaquah to plant a bouquet of balloons for a friend who's in surgery. Then down to Burien, to pick up my date. Dinner at "Hot Dish", relax, and then The Grind.


tabbifli's annual Hooky Day at Wild Waves. I was supplying transportation for tygereclipse, so I went up to her place, then we headed south. We were running a little late, but so was everyone else. This post describes the day pretty well, except that we left early, as both tygereclipse and I had evening stuff planned. I picked up amythis at the ferry terminal, and we had dinner at "Hot Dish". (I really recommend them.)


I had GEICO send someone out to fix the rock strike in the windshield that happened last week when driving out to the ferry. Then I went to Kirkland to the eye doctor and to the dentist. These floppy little disposably contacts are pretty cool. tygereclipse called me, and we hung out before and after my piano lesson, which was sight reading exercises. Then weekly Knuth at Eric's place.
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