Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I'm feeling pretty scattered, maybe listless, and oddly depressed, for no good reason.

I have a phone interview tomorrow, but I think that I don't want that job. I'm not sure how to tell them that. Should I email them soon, so as to not waste anyone's time?

On Wednesday, I had a doctors visit. Not because anything was wrong with me, but to just get it done while I'm still insured. My doctor is pretty damn cool. He was a geek for Intel for a while, before going back to med school. If you like to play games that leave bruises, he's cool with that. However, getting sounded with a q-tip was SO NOT MY KINK. Ouch.

I got to be the big-person-companion to Kouryou-chan on Thursday for an hour, while her parents were busy. The regular babysitter was unavailable. That was fun. Sasha loved her.

Friday I went down to Tacoma to have a sushi lunch with a friend there. I have a lot to say about that, but it got said into my private journal, not this public one. In the evening, I was at the BNS meeting, which was a bit of a bust. In the late evening, I went to the Merc for the first time in months, and got to say hello to sierra_faye1.

Yesterday morning, I went to the gym with solomoning, and did a good job on back, lats, and lower abs. All this lower ab work is starting to actually give my torso a... look, that I've never had before. Later, I went to kespernorth and chemicallace's condo to catsit sagamew, who ran under the couch when I opened the door, and refused to come out. Then I hooked up on short notice with tonyawinter for food at Annapurna, which is a yummy Tibetian place. From there, to the glitterati_club's monthly thing. I didn't have a costume (the theme was "Down the Rabbit Hole"), so I just wore my nice black cotton banded collar top, and dress slacks. It was a hit, and lots of people stopped to ask what it was about.

One pleasant surprise was to see Red (I forget her lj name) and chat with her for a moment. (Update, red_the_squeaky.)

I ended up spending most of the evening hanging out with intrepid_reason and with dakinis. It was fun, but marred by upset digestion for all 3 of us. Leslie was worst hit, and we had to drive her home. (She was much better this morning.) I blame lousy greasy food at the place we ended up eating, but being better this morning means it probably wasnt food poisoning or Noravirus.

Some letters arrived from pheonix_jade, which I have transcribed into his LJ. If anyone wants to have a peephole view into US Army Basic Training, that's what his LJ is about right now.

We just got tracted out by "Bill Sherman", a local D candidate. Tall, clear voice, full grey hair, piercing blue eyes, very much the energetic running-for-office type.

I still feel scattered.

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