Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Voice Post:

210K 1:01
“Well, it turns out there's an interesting little codicil to my adventure of going to Palo Alto and having an entire office laid off around me. It's um... I had a meeting scheldule today called one-on-one. I just assumed our new director of engineering was interviewing each of the engineers one-on-one. And I went in and there was our director of engineering and his supervisor and <i>his</i> superviser and the director of HR and me and three other engineers. Take a wild guess what happened next. This is gonna be fun for them. My severance package doesn't suck and all the stuff in my cube fits in three boxes in my back seat and I have my plant and stuff. I'm not panicking yet. The job market's decent, I might take some time off. But I am amused right now which I guess is a good place to be. Talk to y'all later.”

Transcribed by: elfs
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