Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

And the morning and the evening were another day.

Today at work was enjoyable because it was almost entirely taken up by a sales/technical presentation from Nortel. Of course, I will have to work twice as fast tomorrow to finish up the utterly useless document that my ad-hoc boss wanted to give to his boss, yesterday...

Today being a Tuesday, I went into Seattle at 3pm, to beat traffic. A bit of bouncing around, ending with taking jezel to where she left her car, then I started tooling around towards my piano lesson. Who did I happen to see walking towards a bus stop but elfs. So I gave him a ride downtown.

Piano lesson today consisted mainly of sightreading duets. I was doing really well the first half, and then I just fell apart. "Mister Henry, can I stop now? My brain is empty.", is how I felt.

Back to Kirkland, and stopped at the gym, and did my first full 60 minute session on an EC. I had to stop for a short while at the halfway point and refill my water bottle. Note to self, buy two more litre bottles, I easily can and probably should drink 3 litres of water in one of those one hour sessions. Then twenty minutes on the UV grill, and I was done.

At home, entered a bunch of receipts. I really need to soon get my financial spreadsheets operating again, and tweak the Perl scripts I've written to massage my CBB format records, and reconcile my statements.

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