Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Stuff all dealt with, out of the old place, into the new

With solomoning's help, we moved the last of my stuff out of my old place. Lots more to the garbage, and a box of free food left on the porch for the neighbors. Most of it went into storage, and some to my room in the Alohahaus.

Yesterday, Ace & Eric took away the last of the wooden furnature I sold to them.

And also yesterday, Beth & I moved the cat tree to her storage. It's either going to be given to her sister, who has cats, or else Beth will take it to Virginia with her, and use it to hang yarn.

And last night, I gave the TV to Tonya, and took to vacuum cleaner over to Elf & Omaha on extended loan.

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