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So very very tired

I've been working 14 hour days this week, getting a driver (turning an Orinoco 801.11B PCMCIA wireless card into an Access Point under Linux) working in time for what I thought was a technical interchange meeting with a hardware supplier today. And it turns out to be a fluffy sales roadmap thing, with some discussion about quantity pricing.

Well, at least I got the driver working last night, and handed a list of complaints to the Agere guy. Maybe things will not be so bad for their next client who is trying to make a Linux access point with the Orinoco cards.

My bed was really nice last night. I got a new electric mattress pad, and it made the sleep nice and toasty. I've had mattress warmers before, and loved it, but they only seem to last about a year and then break.

I'm still deciding back and forth on should I go to FurtherConfusion down in San Francisco next weekend. David Brin will be there, and a friend of mine as well, with some expectations of relaxing fun, but then I've gone to cons that just ended up bring really lonely, so, should I risk it? It will be a bit pricy to fly to SF on this little notice.

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