Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Thursday. I had scheduled this day off work, and spent it with gipsieee & solomoning. The weather was supposed to be overcast, but was instead warm and sunny. We started out with some good vegan frenchtoast (I'm not vegan, but when it's tasty, who cares?) eaten out on the lawn, and the day just got better from there. Mmm... bubble bath.

Friday. The three things of the day (other than going back to work), was gym, vet, and fish. The gym target of the day was back and shoulders. Vet consisted of checking the cats into the clinic at 7 freaking am in the morning, and then picking them up at about 4. It was for dental work. Sasha lost a premolar, and Kidde lost both right canines (and got a script for 4 days of 5ml/2x oral morphine). As for fish, omahas did an outstanding job, with rosemary roasted halibut and veggies.

Saturday. I picked up amythis at the ferry, and we did a pass thru the University District street fair. And then did the monthly BiNetSeattle coffee social. While I was standing in line there, I observed something very fun. There were a couple of big cruise ships docked up downtown, and the city was just full of tourists. Four of these tourists walked into the Café Vita, and they had apparently *never* been in a café before! Well, if someone is going to do a Seattle café for the first time, Café Vita is a good choice. At least they didn't go to a Starbucks! Anyway, then dinner at the Teapot, and then to my place for some NetFlix. But apparently my DVD player has given up the ghost. Poo!

Sunday. We went to visit solomoning, as he needed my body to do some tweaks to the outfit he is building for me for the June glitterati_club gathering. I returned amythis to the care of the state ferry system, and then Sol and I made a pass thru the street fair, hooking up with elfs and Kouryou-chan there, and dodged occational rain squalls. I scored several pots of flavored honey, a black deerstalker hat, and a black cotton Tibetan men's shirt. The day ended again with a bubble bath. I could get really used that...

Monday. A bit of anti-excitement at work, one of our more cool executives "left to pursue other opportunities". I don't know how much he was... encouraged, to do so. This stinks a bit, as he was the patron of one of our more cool internal projects that I am part of. Par for the course for this company, a year and a half we were two years ahead of everyone else, and then we've pissed that lead away, because of fears there is "no market". They interpret "being the only one in the field" as "no market", which means, conversely, that the cable industry only does things when they have to battle each other over them. Idiocy. My free copy of Mind Performance Hacks showed up in the mail.

Tuesday. Another day I had scheduled off work. I linked up with gipsieee, and we had lunch, and then went to the art museum at UW, where they were having an exhibition of Maya Lin's art. (She was the designer of the Vietnam War Memorial). We also learned that that afternoon was the opening of the student art show at the department that gipsieee and sultry_peacock had graduated from. After that, we returned to the Metaphorist, for some knitting and socializing. We hooked up with Sol, for dinner, and then a very very long hot water soak.
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