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Mark Atwood
Today, while driving to work, I got a panic'ed call from my ex.

To make an annoying story short, a friend of hers had borrowed her car today. This friend was in a minor accident. And lied to the cop, claiming to be my ex. And it turned out that my ex's license was suspended. Because of a ticket. That her friend had got, and had claimed to be my ex for it. And the friend's license was suspended too.

So I drove down to Aubern, picked up my my ex, and then to the county jail, but the friend was still in booking, not visitable. So we figured out where her car was, and went to the impound lot, in Redmond. All this time, she's getting phone calls from insurance companies, and has nothing useful to tell them.

It turns out that the car was only minorly damaged, now has no working headlights or turnsignals, so daylight operation only. I spotted her the money to get the car out, but refused to pay a cent to bail her friend. (This person already owes me more than I care to account, and should just write off.)

I hope this friend becomes a former one over this. At the very least, she's about to become an ex-roommate over it.

I do have friends I would bail out of jail. But not after they tried to steal my identity.

(Update: They let the friend out on her own recog. Pity. I think a couple of weeks of wearing an orange jumpsuit would have been a good start...)
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tithonium From: tithonium Date: May 16th, 2006 11:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow, this brings back memories.... Damnit.
wyckhurst From: wyckhurst Date: May 16th, 2006 11:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow, that sucks. Some friend.
fallenpegasus From: fallenpegasus Date: May 16th, 2006 11:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
This friend of my ex owes me enough money to be a couple of car payments.

Which is small comparied to the ex, who owes me enough to be a good down payment. In Seattle. On a nice place.
wyckhurst From: wyckhurst Date: May 16th, 2006 11:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
LOL, can I have some money too? XD
sinanju From: sinanju Date: May 16th, 2006 11:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ya know, I always had the idea that identity theft was a leeeetle bit harder than simply lying to the cops when they show up for an accident. What the hell is the point of all the paperwork I'm supposed to carry if they apparently never bother to look at it?
kespernorth From: kespernorth Date: May 17th, 2006 12:17 am (UTC) (Link)
I've never quite been able to figure out what this "on their own recognizance" thing means -- can you explain it to me?
fallenpegasus From: fallenpegasus Date: May 17th, 2006 07:45 am (UTC) (Link)
It means the jail is too crowded to hold everyone who can't make bail, so if it's a non-violent and/or first time offence, and you're not an asshole during booking, they will cut you loose san bail. (You still have to show up for the arraignment, etc, and an arrest warrent will issue if you don't.)
krow From: krow Date: May 17th, 2006 12:22 am (UTC) (Link)
Reminds me why I do not loan out my car.
From: neocuriosity Date: May 17th, 2006 05:48 am (UTC) (Link)
Total wake-up call to your ex. HELLO! She's roommmates with this 'friend'? Oh brother! I feel for her, not knowing that her identity had been besmirched already, only to find out that it's happening for the second time at the same time as her car is wrecked.

You get bonus karma points for doing this today. Seriously. I haven't spoken to (or emailed, or seen) my ex in over 4 years and I can't imagine him calling me for anything, ever again.

The 'friend' deserved not to get bailed out. There's a reason her license was suspended in the first place!
amythis From: amythis Date: May 17th, 2006 01:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
Is it okay to say that your ex is too trusting?
fallenpegasus From: fallenpegasus Date: May 17th, 2006 10:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
Especially of this particular person.

She's still hanging out with her, today!
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