Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The weekend

Thursday. After work, I went over to CapHill, and then down Madison, and spent a fun hour running around with and taking care of Kouryou-chan and Yamarashi-chan. Most of the time was spent at a lovely little privately maintained publicly open park located here.

For reasons uninteresting, Yamarashi-chan and I started talking about automobile licence plates, and she impressed me by being able to effortlessly recall the plate number on her dad's car, and on the cars in her mother's household.

After an enjoyable while, I passed them back over to elfs supervision, and then omahas and went out for our usual evening. Warm water and dark chocolate. Bliss.

Friday. A physically exhausing but rewarding day. The plan had been to meet up at my gym with sultry_peacock at 2pm. What actually happened was she and solomoning got there at twenty after three. But it worked out ok, plus Sol was able to figure out something in just a few minutes that a couple of years under a paid trainer could not, why I hate doing lat-pull type exercises, which is because I was doing them wrong, all in my shoulders, none in my lats.

I think adding him to my membership will cost less and work better than hiring a professional trainer again. (I think that the big difference is that the pro trainers at the gym avoid touching their clients, and so have a hard time actually telling what muscles are being worked.).

Saturday. That afternoon I spent helping omahas get ready for a Surprise Unbirthday Party for elfs. It worked out well, especially with the crew of people I invited who all came (thanks guys!): keithr, sultry_peacock, gipsieee, solomoning, and amythis.

Sunday. That afternoon was spent helping kespernorth and chemicallace move out of the crappy apt into their really cool new loft condo. The sore lats from Friday got even sorer, but it was fun to help, and to meet Ally's coworkers from the UW chem department.

After I got home, I vegged for a while, catching up on teevee, watching the first half of the two part season finale' of N.C.I.S, and *finally* the show finale of JLU, which is also the finale of the entire "DC Adventures" continuity that started with "Batman Adventures" back in the early/mid 1990s.

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