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Mark Atwood
Wednesday, after work, I went to the Metaphorist to pick up Sol and Adrienne. After a small detour to get some food for him (see "The Teapot", below), we made it to the Pegasus Pizza in Kirkland (just a few blocks from my workplace, weirdly), where keithr, sultry_peacock, and gipsieee, were waiting for us. After a dozen short acts by comedians of varying quality, the headliner came on, my cousin Dean Evans. We enjoyed his performance. After the show, I returned Sol and Adrienne to the Metaphorist, then dropped Dean off where he was going to crash (not far from the Metaphorist.)

Thursday, after work, I went down to tonyawinter's place for a scheduled hanging out. I geeked a bit for her, installing a wireless USB network adapter on her TiVo, so now she can disconnect her POTS line. She was working on a pretty cool piece of lather gear, for which I hoped she charged the client a lot. Later, julzerator came over, and the 3 of us watched an episode of "House", which is a "Columbo meets ER" mashup. I sacked out there, then just went straight to work the next day.

Friday, after work, the weather was so nice, I changed into my kilt. Then to CapHill, for my first BiNetSeattle support meeting. Seven people there, not a bad turnout. It started well, but got very annoying very quickly. And I can't even rant about it online properly, because it's not possible for me to just speak for myself. Sigh.

I then met up with intrepid_reason and a friend of hers for dinner. It was in a "sports bar". Very weird. I occasionally ask, rhetorically, "what do normal people do?". It appears that this is a place that they do whatever it is. As we were leaving, I noticed a geekgrrl, the type that would have to "stick, beat them off with" in my world, who was unhappility wallflowering. I crashed at Leslie's place. (Two nights away from my own bed!)

Saturday, after getting home, I puttered around and did some chores and caught up a bit with the ReplayTV. Got an email from Sol (I had inadvertently turned off my cellphone) asking me about sizing for the outfit he is building for me for an upcoming Glitterati Party. I met up with him and sultry_peacock at the mall they were at, got measured, then we all went out to eat at the eastside Teapot. It's pretty amazing, a vegans eatery that I, an enthusiastic carnivore, enjoys eating at. gipsieee joined us, which was a source of joy.

This took a little longer than I expected, so I was a bit late to the birthday party in Kent. But I made it in time for the singing and the cake. There were many fun and beautiful people, some I knew, and some I got to know. As someone else put it a lot of time was spent "in the hot tub or in salacious conversation".

I actually spent the night at home in my own bed.

Sunday, after a morning of some cleaning and chores, I picked up Sol from the care of sultry_peacock. I introduced him to Lush at Bellevue Square, then played a trust game where I walked him out of the mall with his eyes closed (he trusting me more that I trust me), stopped at gipsieee's shop to say hi, and otherwise just spent a good day together.

What a weekend!


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julzerator From: julzerator Date: May 1st, 2006 07:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
It was nice to see you!!

And Lush is evil, in that wonderful wonderful way. :)
intrepid_reason From: intrepid_reason Date: May 1st, 2006 08:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
Josie's lj is buffywillowgrrl.
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