Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

X2 r0x

Went to see X2 last night. This morning actually. 1:20am at the Cinerama. Elf and I got to the theater about an hour and half before admission, and there were just a few people in line before us. By the time seating opened, the line went down the block, around the corner, and around another block.

The movie rocked. The audience burst into applause and cheers several times. I started applauding at "Mom. Dad. This is.... Professor Logan.", and the rest of the audience joined in.

The story was a good "comic book team story", except that this story wouldn't have been told as well in print as it was on film. Some stories work better in different mediums, and this one worked very well.

Lots of Easter Eggs and allusions for X-fans, plus it was probably a fun ride for non-fans. Obviously set up to create a francise. Hopefully one that won't crash as hard and as badly as the Superman and Batman francises did.

Oh, and went I picked up our tickets at the will-call window, I bought my ticket to "The Matrix Reloaded", again at an oh-dark-thirty showtime.

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