Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My Weekend

Friday at work was pretty productive. Or at least, I think I made a positive impression on some of the powers, and I'll be able to almost singlehandedly add something useful to the Secret Project. After work, was Fish Friday, except, without the fish. The weather was, for the first time this year, conducive to outdoor cooking, so elfs fired up the charcoal, and we all enjoyed hamburgers. We all crashed pretty fast afterwards, so after just a single game of Who's Got The Brain, we all called it a night and turned in.

Saturday morning, after helping my hosts hustle out to a morning service project at Kouryou's school, I headed home, stopping first at Lush in Bellevue to stock up on some "product" I had run out of. (I've learned that when one's hair is bleached, even just a single streak like mine, having a good conditioner is mandatory.) The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent on some chores, some paperwork, and a nap.

In the afternoon, gipsieee showed up as planned, and we went out. First to an early dinner, at a new chinese place in the U Dist that she had heard good reviews of, and then we spend some time wandering around Cowen Park (pictures in my Flickr stream). Then to Meany Hall at UW to the SWC concert (with a small slightly panic'ed detour back to the restaurant, to get the tickets that had been accidentally dropped there).

The concert was nice.

Sunday morning, gipsieee and I had brunch, and then she went off to work. I did some more chores and paperwork and piano practice. And then hopped down to Bellevue to pick up some supplies for yet another new hobby, at the shop gipsieee works at. I've decided to try to knit a scarf in time for the coming winter.

The big task of the evening was dealing with an annoying little todo item that's been queued up for years. My printer is an HP 5L, an inexpensive little workhorse, but the 5Ls had a manufacturing defect that caused them to start jamming. There is a website and a repair kit with a howto video dedicated to replacing the bad parts. I've had the kit for at least 3 years, and not got around to installing it.

After taking the printer apart twice, cutting my finger and bleeding on it (computer hardware always demands a small blood sacrifice to work properly), and cussing and swearing a bit, I got it all installed, put back together properly, and running, it's now running properly again. Not perfectly, but good enough.

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