Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I've discovered what weightlifter's gloves are for.

Gym, session 21 of 124.

Today was back and triceps.

My triceps are the ones that are most responding to the training. They are starting to pop out when I straighten my arms, and I'm starting to actually get some shape in my upper arms, for the first time in my life. Cool.

Anyway, the exercises are deadlifts, dumbbell pullovers, seated rows, and pulldowns. The big event here is that now I do the deadlifts off the floor, instead of off the rack. And the non-slip diamond machined pattern in the bar started cutting into my palms, which are now sore. I'm going to start having calluses there. So that's what the gloves are for!

I've got a form problem with deadlifts. I'm supposed to keep my feet parallel and pointed straight forward, and push up with my heels. I tend to stand with my feet pointed outward. I would try to stance correctly, would push thru a set, and then look down, and lo, my feet had moved. Sigh. Something to work on.

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