Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

random words, semi-connected in coherency

Yesterday I worked, but not all that effectively. I went out on a personal errand after one o'clock, and that was a mistake. The weather was so bright and warm, I was then not almost useless, but completely useless at focusing on my job tasks. So I took off a bit early to beat traffic, headed south to visit the Sternbergs and recover my cellphone charger, that had accidentally got intertwined with their stuff. Spent several pleasant hours in their company.

I've discovered that having a wireless phone with a headset makes it very very easy to have very long conversations. I can carry stuff to and from the laundry room, wash dishes, clean and play with the cats while talking.

I stayed up way too late into the night and morning, for no good reason, reading and chatting.

I did receive a wonderful email from JudyG. She had been the 3rd in a semi-stable 3some relationship several years ago, and she just received copies of some lovely pictures from that relationship, and she shared a few of them with me. They were lovely touching images, and reminded me of just how mouthwateringly gorgeous she is.

Today is as gray and as dim as yesterday was bright and sunny. Sigh.

My headache is back.

Tomorrow is my Father's birthday. I think I will write him a letter.

"X-Men United" this evening!

Gym in two hours.

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