Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My weekend


After work, I headed to Northgate to buy a massage from the talented sierra_faye1. I'm glad I had been sucking down water all day, because she wrung it all out of me. It was a good kind of pain. Or is that painful kind of good?

Afterwards, we hung out being homey and social, and she showed me how to make an amazingly "meaty" salad out of greens, avocoto, and just a li'l bit of ranch dressing.


I was planning on helping SEAF out with volunteering, but learned that tonyawinter had had an influx of help the evening before, and had gotten all caught up.

So instead I went first to the Bi Net Seattle business meeting at pope_guilty_xix's home on Beacon Hill. (Great view of the planes taking off and landing at Boeing Field.) He's going to be stepping down as president soon, and someone nominated me for the position. I decided it would be wise to go, find out what was involved, and if I wanted the job. I would be willing to do it.

After that, I went to intrepid_reason's, and hooked up with her and with amecia and breakingglass, and was the driver to take them to Pantheogenic, a fundraising party by/for a local Burning Man group. When it was fun and amusing, the party was less welcoming than I had been told was normally the case.

The day ended with an impromptu slumber party back at Leslie's place.


Saturday afternoon I "hosted" the monthly Bi coffee social. The only other people who came were elfs and omahas and Kouryou-chan. I was glad to see them, since I hadn't seen them Friday night at the usual Fish Friday. I lent Omaha my copy (just arrived on Friday) of the next installment of the saga of Omaha the Cat Dancer, the eponymous character of which was the inspiration for her own name.

That night was the first "Lunacon", being a housewarming party thrown by Luna and JenBoi (Hmm, I wonder if they have LJs). They live not far from where I used to, in a nice house they have big plans for. The socialization was fun, and Luna and I enjoyed sharing viewpoints from our shared culture-of-origin.


Sunday morning I slept in and decompressed. And hammered away at memorizing Bach's Minuet in G.

Saturday had been jezel's birthday, and what she wanted as a present from me was to go out for a Nice Dinner. So I used OpenTable (thanks for the tip, Leslie) and I took her to Daniel's Broiler on the shore of Lake Washington. The service was closely attentive, the food was luciously delicious, and I could get very used to having valet parking. It certainly wasn't cheap, however.


Bright and sunny, properly befitting the day of the spring equinox. The Forester went in for it's scheduled service. Two years and two days ago, it's predecessor had been destroyed in a multicar accident.

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