Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My day

At work, I'm making good progress with the "magic shell" project. Fortunately, lsh lends itself to the hackery that I need. All my best ideas for this project have been associated with running water. The past couple days, good inspiration hit while in the shower, and another great idea yesterday while washing my hands. Maybe the universe is making a strange existential pun on the phrase "waterfall model".

This evening, instead of Knuth, I went to BECU up in Everett, for a seminar on "How to Find or Sell Your Home". (While waiting for it to begin, I found a hot ethernet port, but annoyingly, the only places it would go was BECU's own websites (and presumably their own SMB shares, tho I didn't poke in that direction.)) The seminar was instructive, but I was amused that they carefully never said buy, just "find". They've got a bunch of incentives. If I finance with them, and use one of their pet realtors, they give discounts on the closing costs, and a rebate of the realtor's commission. And if I take their "How to Finance Your New Home" seminar, I get a certificate for $250 more off the closing costs. I will keep it in mind.

And then, I did my first gym visit for this series. Go me. The results will be in the next entry. I can tell I've really gone to seed in the last year and a half.

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