Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The Weekend


I went to the U District to get my hair cut and cowlick bleached by imflying. While waiting for my appointment slot to come up, I hung out at the Coffee&Comics café. Being right there by UW, most of the clientele were collage undergrads. I enjoyed overhearing their social buzzing, but couldn't help but summarizing my gestalt impression as "cute but dumb". The passage of years does more things than cause grey hairs.

imflying did her usual excellent work.

As I was leaving, a light fog had covered the area, and a thunderstorm was discharging nearby. It was pretty amazing. The lightning flashes appeared completely unlocalized, in that one would go off, and the mist everywhere would turn an opaque searing white for just a split instant, and then several seconds later th thunder would peal.

I fought my way thru the rain and the traffic, to the ferry terminal, where I picked up amythis, and then we headed south to Burien, for Fish Friday.

elfs did the bulk of the kitchen work, making an Asian themed meal, of miso-glazed roast salmon, rice, steamed daikon & carrots, and miso soup.

omahas showed us the game she was in the process of reviewing, Spongebob Squarepants. She was not impressed, mainly by the lack of any richness or diversity. The only things that were animated or voiced were the "right way" thru the puzzles, if the player tried to randomly explore, they just got kid-friendly versions of "you can't do that". Boring.

We all played a curiously long game of "Who's Got The Brain". Normally it only lasts 20 minutes or so, but this one went over an hour. We then watched the most recent episode of "Drawn Together", and then forced Elf to watch last week's "Very Special Episode".


Saturday, after brunch, Kim & I watched one of my NetFlix's that had been collecting dust, Being John Malkovich. What a bizarre and insane film. (We actually watched it at my work, using a prototype Moxi box as the player.)

After that was the Poly Potluck (second saturday of odd numbered months).

After saying goodbye to Kim, and dropping her off at the ferry terminal, I went over to intrepid_reason's place, to carpool to the evening's event, a birthday party for tithonium at Nerdvana.

It was a very good party. It was while happily soaking in the hot tub there that I uttered something along the lines of "You know life is good, when you attend better parties than the ones on tv." (I wish I could remember the exact quote...)

After returning intrepid_reason to her place, I decided I was too sleepy to continue driving, so I sacked out at her place.


That afternoon, I went to the monthly rec.arts.sf.* "Seattle Tun", a regular gathering of local SF fans. I had a good time.

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