Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

noise, noise, stop all the damn noise!

I want earlids, damnit.

The HVAC system here is constant a heavy low rumble. There are conversations going on at all times, and every hour there is someone who either *must* use their speakerphone, or has the habit of yelling into their headset.

Headphones make my external ears hurt after only an hour or so (they mash my ears against the side of my head, and against the earhooks of my glasses).

I have a genetic quirk that kinks my ear canal, so I can't tightly fit in either disposible foam earplugs, or earplug style headphones.

I've heard that an ear specialist can *cast* me a custom pair of earplugs. I wonder what that would cost...

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