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Mark Atwood
Gym. Legs.
Twenty sessions down, one hundred and four to go.

Did legs today. Lunges. Oh how I hate lunges. I really really really hate lunges. Free squats. Inclined leg press (my heaviest exercise, several big plates). And then 3 different leg machines. Again, I set personal records for weights. We're starting to pile on the weight at the cost of reps (15 down to 12 down to 10 down to 8), and training almost to failure. I only failed once tho, on the squats. I don't trust my back, and when it starts to bow I panic a bit.

I'm really getting into the rhythm of the schedule I've set for myself. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at noon. Scheduled out as far as their books will go.

Jeff tells me that a lot of clients come in inconsistently, or even worse, blow off appointments. What a waste of agony, sweat, time, and money! It seems really stupid to do something so expensive and unpleasant, and then do it in such a way that it doesn't even work!
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