Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The Weekend. Birthday cake, and then kidsitting.


After taking omahas and elfs to the train station for their trip, I returned to Burien to ice the cake and play some more with Kouryou and Yamarashi.

I should have taken a picture. The purple came out kind of flat.

But it was still much enjoyed several hours later at the monthly binetseattle social. The other people there were, of course, amythis, for whom the cake was for, and her friend Brandon from the Bay Area, and pope_guilty_xix, and his SO. We all chatted, socialized, sang an appropriate song, and then consumed half of it there.

After that, Kim, Brandon, and I had dinner at the Broadway Grill, hung out at Twice Sold Tales, returned the serving knife I borrowed from the Metaphorist, and then countered the very cold weather by soaking in the hot water at Tubs.


This day was well spent watching Kouryou-chan and Yamarashi-chan while their parents were out of town.

Late in the morning, I picked the girls up from their overnight playdate, and ferried them to their home. Y then picked that time to do her math homework, which was fun for me, it reminded me pleasantly of my experience doing remedial algebra tutoring when I was in college.

Then I hauled them to the Family Fun Center. There I fed them corn dogs for lunch, and pizza for dinner. We did the mini golf course (both girls scored within two points of each other, and learned quickly as I corrected their grips on the clubs). Y is currently really into DDR, so I let them do several turns on the machine there. K tried as well, and had good beat, but had a hard time consistently hitting the impact pads, and so got very frustrated. So I had her run her with her side "off", while copying the instruction arrow stream from Y's side. Much less frustrating.

The bulk of the time was spent in the "Kidopolis" attraction, which is basically a giant habitrail, sized for kids instead of rats. It was full of kids running and shrieking and having a good time, and ringed with parents who were obviously grateful for an opportunity to just sit.

While we were eating pizza, elfs called several times, but I missed most of the calls due to the noise, and having my `phone in the coat I had thrown over the chair instead of in my pocket. They had a small near-emergency scare in Portland, but it turned out okay.

After taking the girls back to their home, I told them to get ready for bed. They did a very good job of bathing and dressing themselves, taking their meds, Y doing her eye exercises. K did her nightly reading silently to herself, while Y (at my suggestion) thought it would be fun to read to me instead of vice versa.

Then each girl snuggled into a shoulder, and we all dozed off together.

About 3 hours later, their parents got home. The girls were carried to their own beds, omahas was put to bed herself, and I drove home, and was able to pass out under my own quilts at just before midnight.
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