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Mark Atwood
I just flashread the first four and last four chapters of Prayers for the Assassin today during lunch.

I'm trying to pry the images of that book out of my head.

But I will say that if there is are ever "Black Robes" in what is/was the United States, I will do my best to kill them, and support others who do. Without mercy and without apology.


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From: ex_cerebrate131 Date: February 16th, 2006 10:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
Amen to that, no irony intended.
jatg From: jatg Date: February 16th, 2006 10:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wow. Just looking at the webpage for that book it's an awfully chilling premise.

I can't believe that Utah would let itself be incorporated into the National Islamic States though.
fallenpegasus From: fallenpegasus Date: February 16th, 2006 10:45 pm (UTC) (Link)
It doesn't, in the story. Utah, Southern Idaho, and Western Colorado withdraw from the Islamic States and form the nation of Deseret, and jealously guards its borders with "Rockwells", a name that both you and I should instantly understand.
From: neocuriosity Date: February 17th, 2006 05:35 am (UTC) (Link)
There are so many injustices wrought upon women in Islamic states. The religious police are just one of many. What is a Rockwell? And what does "ropma" stand for?
fallenpegasus From: fallenpegasus Date: February 17th, 2006 12:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Rockwell" is a reference to "Orin Porter Rockwell", who was a gunfighter who joined the Mormon church when it first got started. He acted as personal bodyguard to the founder of the church. OPR had a very... muscular view of defending the church.

ROPMA stands for "Religion of Peace My Ass".
From: neocuriosity Date: February 17th, 2006 03:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
Okey doke. Thanks for clearing those up.

Ever tell you my degree is in "Near Eastern Languages and Civilization"? Yup, I'm "into" Arabic and stuff. And that I was in the Army as an Arabic linguist and was sent to Saudia Arabia (and to Iraq) in the first Gulf 'party'?

There's a lot to being Muslim, most of it not having to do with suicidal bombing and riots....
lionmage From: lionmage Date: February 20th, 2006 05:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
I finally got around to reading this entry in your journal. I went and tried to look up the web site for Prayers for the Assassin, and I have to say I found the web site a little less than professional. There are typos and grammatical errors sprinkled throughout the page. (I wonder if it's been defaced?)

I expected you to link to the home site for the book, but you didn't — fortunately, a Google search turned it up easily enough.

Based on the blurb on the home site for the book, I'm not entirely sure I believe that even three simultaneous nuke detonations would disrupt the U.S. enough to turn this country into some kind of Islamic state.

Having said all that... I'm with you. If anything occurred to elevate the prominence of Islam in this country to that degree, I'd be up in arms (literally) with a lot of other people. Then again, if the Mormon church turned out to be a threat to a peaceful secular society, I'd probably take up arms against them too. Theocracies are evil, period.
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