Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Do Ra Me Fa So

Yesterday evening I went to Mr Henry's for my weekly piano lesson. It's been a fun and interesting change of pace, to concentrate very heavily on the fundamentals I've been stumbling over, instead of just the more ordinary cycle of "learn this piece, practice this piece, here's a new piece".

The 3 fundamentals we're working so hard on are note reading, placement (knowing the "feel" of the keys and the intervals), and sound (recognizing intervals by sound (recognizing absolute notes by sound is "perfect pitch", and it's a very rare skill, and fortunately, is not really necessary)).

I'm getting noticeably and surprisingly better at note reading. A few years ago, I wrote a Perl script that drives GNU LilyPond to generate sheets of random notes, and carry them around with me to drill with. I'm now to move from verbally reading these random strings to playing them. Because there is no structure, pattern, or coherency to these things, actually playing them is Hard!

Anyway, we worked a lot on recognizing the sounds, and to that end, actually did singing exercises! We'd start with the low C, and sing up to G and back down again, by seconds, and then bounce around in that range by seconds and thirds, checking with the piano, and then doing the same thing while just playing the low C, so I could hear the harmonies, and so forth. And yes, we did it with the classic Do Ra Me Fa So vocal scale. It was pretty fun, tho I was starting to get a raw throat by the end.

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