Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Four days

Thursday. Groundhog's Day. I went on my monthly outing with omahas. It was a full and fun evening. I was introduced to fried eel (yummy). We hit the Mix for ice cream, Tubs for a hot soak, and the Grind to dance the night away.

Friday. Fish Friday. Dinner was yummy. Yamarashi-chan insisted that I be the one to read to her, and so we went thru half a chapter of The Silver Chair, me reading aloud while she followed along silently.

Saturday. The first annual Science Fiction Short Film Festival. They sold out, filling the Cinerama, leaving friends of mine missing out. Of the shorts, I think Cost of Living was the best one, but I could pick apart several flaws in it, that blunt the "ouch" of the story.

Sunday. The piano salon. I am now done with the performance piece, and am moving on to the next, the well-known Baroque piece, Petzold's Minuet in G Major. After the salon, I ended up hanging out at the Metaphorist, watching the Super Bowl. We wuz robbed. After the game, I went for another hot soak with a `phorst regular, and played "truth for truth".

Monday. Back to the weekday cycle...

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