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First day of work since the break. Ugh. Everyone thinks that their problem should be my #1 problem.

Restarted my postal mail today, and picked up the held mail. Quite a pile. I've now got a grocery bag of sorted-out personally identifying junk mail. I will probably feed it to one of the legal disposal bins at work, instead of spending an hour feeding it to my shredder.

My cousin, Dean Evans, will be in Portland over the 3rd weekend of this month. There are some conflicts with other things, but I will try to be down there for his show. (He's does stand-up.)

The smell is fighting to come back inside the Forester again. I hit it with the O3 generator for a few hours this last weekend. I will repeat the treatment, running all night tonight. That should cook out any remaining smells.

We picked up three new Knuthers last night. papertygre, jonwa and scott_t_s. Between the Knuthers, the Knitters, and others, there was a huge crowd last night.

The Chocolati Cafe has stopped playing pop, and started playing Indian ambient. It's most welcome. Easier to think.

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