Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

New Year's Eve

The day consisted mainly of errands and then the party.

I went over to jezel's and picked up Sasha. We had a pretty good conversation.

Trying to get home was annoying, as *something* had shut down I405 from Southcenter to Bellevue. (I learned later that a tanker had overturned.) I got a couple of errands done.

I made a stop at Lush in Bellvue Square. In theory just to pick up more Razorantium. What actually happened, is I got that, and a bunch of other products too. That store is dangerous.

I was so scattered and disorganized that I completely missed my exit to get home. Fortunately, I noticed *before* too many more exits had gone by. The same thing happened again later, on the way down to the NYE party. I missed my exit, and then had to revise how I was going to get there, using paper maps.

The party at j5nn5r's place was fun. Many people I knew, some that I knew well, were there. Food, hot tub, a popular massage chair, SF geeking, and games of little brain.

When we were all worn out, I wrapped myself up in one my of family quilts, and fell asleep on the floor.

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