Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


After getting in Thursday night, I did the minumum amount of necessary unpacking (basically, just Kiddi and her pills), and then net-vegged until I fell asleep. I slept and slept. And slept some more.

When I woke up this morning, I kept sleeping. I would get up for a short while, sit down in an apathetic funk, and then fall asleep again. The time between my eyes closing and actually fading out, my minds eye and ear fill with first-person-driver view of roadway rushing at 135km/hr, and flashes of a grey tabby. Que surprise. Gee, I wonder what that's all from?

I did finally pull it together enough to get washed up and go down to elfs and omahas for Fish Friday. I was late enough that it pushed out their dinner plans, but they were gracious and accommodating. Thanks, guys.

Dinner was yummy stir-fry halibut, and an unremarkable but drinkable French red. I had two helpings, realizing that the last meal I ate was a hamburger at an american roadside diner in southern Idaho.

Along with Kouryou, we played a chutes-and-latters varient she had got for the holidays, and then we taught her how to play "Who's Got The Brain". And then "Professor Fizzwizzle", which Kouryou loved watching the adults play. It's pretty cool, in that it has Linux version (which run on both Elf's Gentoo and my Fedora Core 4 systems), and a Mac OS X version, running on Omaha's iBook.

After Kouryou was put to bed, we caught up on the last two episodes of "Drawn Together". The jokes were more miss than hit, but it was still an enjoyable time, even (and especially) while we were groaning and slapping our foreheads.

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