Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

News of the day

At 7am this morning, I transfered Birki from the emergency-hours clinic to a regular vet clinic. The same one that my mom wurtmann's cat Edward and my sister jatg's cat Beowulf go to.

I went back to visit her this afternoon. She's more awake, and is charming the staff (she comes up to the front of her cage to be petted, instead of cowering and hissing in the back). Her kidney values (Creatinine and Blood Urine Nitrogen) are still way too high, but they are slowly coming down, mainly by flushing. Her kidney is doing almost no concentrating at all. That's the key, if it can be washed out enough that the remaining nephrons start working again, she can pull out of this crisis.

My parents' breadmaker just chimed. The whole house smells of fresh bread.

This evening I setup my laptop to play the second season of Battlestar Galatica, which I had brought with me. wurtmann, jatg, and pheonix_jade immediately got sucked in, and watched 7 episodes, back-to-back.

Daylight this morning, I went out with my dad as we ran some errands, and then helped him a bit in his shop.

My new, third edition copy of Knuth Vol 1 showed up today. It's printing date is Oct 2005, so now I will have the newest edition instead of the oldest edition in my weekly Knuth class.

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