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Birki is very very sick.

When she arrived she was a little slow and unsteady. I figured she would improve as she recovered from travelling. But as she didn't, I started thinking that I would take her to the vet when I got back. Then that I would take her to a local vet that works on jatg's cat Beowulf. And then this afternoon, as she just kept getting more lethargic and unsteady, that she was going to the emergency clinic tonight.

Her kidney related bloodwork values, are really really bad. And her other values (red blood cell count, etc) are such that as she rehydrates under the IV, they will go bad as well.

She's spending the night at the clinic. Tuesday morning, when the regular vet clinics reopen, I will have to transfer her there. And also figure out how I'm going to get her home...

Merry Christmas.
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