Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

What a drive.

I listened to the 3 most recent Dr Demento shows, all of them themed on the holiday season ("Mrs Claus... has it going on..."), the latest iGame Radio podcasts, and a lot of radio scanning. Southern Idaho has way too many Christian Radio stations. It's go so many they specialize (preacher, gospel, family friendly uplift, christian rock, etc).

After the first couple of hours, I made a nest in the passenger side front footwell, and the cats curled up there and slept most of the way. One of the things I forgot to pack was a travelling litter box. I got what I deserved for that, but it wasn't too bad, and was easy to clean up.

The weather was mostly good. The only tough bits were fog, sometimes down to very limited visibility. The only snow I encountered was the pass in Washington.

I see my friends have been transcribing my phone posts. Thanks guys!

The cats have been exploring my parents' house. The other two cats here, Edward and Beowulf, are curious and concerned. Poor Birki was dehydrated, she guzzled down a lot of water, threw it all up, and then tried to drink down more. I short circuited that by giving her her sub-q fluids, an operation that slightly discombobulated my dad.

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