Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Friday and Saturday

A fun weekend so far.

After work, headed down to the ferry terminals to pick up amythis. Since I was running early, I pulled off and parked in the construction zone by the Alaska Way viaduct, mixed together the holiday punch makings, and then hacked a bit on rem2ps and on jpeg2ps.

After picking up her up, we went up to kespernorth and chemicallace $HOLIDAY party, for some pleasent socialization. The foggy misty bubbling punch made a good impression.

The next afternoon, I hosted the monthly binetseattle gather at the Café Vita, since pope_guilty_xix wasn't able to be there. It was an unsurpisingly small group, due to the holiday season. elfs and omahas joined us, with Kouryou-chan in tow.

We chatted, enjoy hot drinks, and played a couple of rounds of Set.

I stopped by the Metaphorist to say hello, but nobody was home. Not surprising, given that it was a Saturday night.

When trying to return to the ferry terminals, we got stuck at the railroad tracks, waiting for a train to pass. I told Kim this story. Which, of course, called down the jinx, as it proceeded to happen again to us. We missed the ferry. So we drove around the city, looking at all the lights and holiday shoppers, until the next ferry.

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