Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Doctor Demento online

Who remembers Doctor Demento?

But who has heard him in years?

Finally, about ten years after he should have done it, The Doctor Demento Show is available online.

Somebody there still doesn't quite "get it".

  1. Downloading an episode costs two bucks. I can forgive that, but the mechanism is awkward and annoying. You have to hit a button, get redirected to Paypal, pay the money, and then they email you a link, and id, and a password, to download an m3u file. Awkward, roundabout, annoying, and you have to do this per episode. You cant select a bunch of episodes and pay and get them all at once.
  2. It's not a podcast. It doesn't have the podcast XML. While I know how to hack a m3u file to download the content (Under linux, the command is wget -i filename.m3u), Joe Windows User and Jane Mac User will have a harder time being able to put it on the music player.
  3. The archives got back only to when the online download service started, the last week of November. They should be working to get his deep archives online, all the way back to the beginning. Put up a wiki, have volunteers put together a database of playlists, guests, premiers, commericials, and transcripts.

The audio show that could have been and should have been the shining example of the `net routing around old media distributors, and coulda and shoulda been the first big crossover to the `net, still is stuck in 1994.

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