Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Poor Kiddy

One of my cats, Kiddy, has been getting old. Just a little bit thinner, just a little bit skinnyer, just a little bit scruffyer, just a little bit stiffer, just a little bit endothermic, with each passing month.

Last night, about midnight, she really started getting uncomfortable, acting like she was constantly trying to move her bowels, and dripping little bits of liquid mess everywhere she went (which is not all that many places, she spends most of her time curled up next to the heat register).

So I hauled her into the bathroom, and started gently rubbing her ass with a hot wet washcloth while gently massaging and manipulating her. It was like emptying out an incredibly vile tube of toothpaste. She had some very hard bits of stool to work out. Ouch. I did that, then bathed her, brushed her, toweled her, gave her a double dose (200 ml) of sub-cu LRS, and set her back by the heat register.

I'm probably going to have to steamclean my carpet in places.

This morning, I set up a vet appt for her, and arranged to have jezel take her there.

She's going be kept at the vet's overnight tonight. She's actually, labwork-wise, still in very good shape.

This is in counterpoint to Birki, who is still annoyingly energetic, but her labwork says she ought to be dead, several times over.
Tags: cat, vet

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