Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Thursday and Friday


Because my music teacher had rehersal for the Seattle Men's Chorus on Wednesday, my piano lesson got bumped to Thursday afternoon. We did more of the cursed chromatic scales in the current piece.

That evening, rather than just drive home in the cold and the dark, I went to the Grind. It was a surprisingly good crowd, and I met some people I knew, and got to know some people I met. I danced a lot, and sweated out my jeans and shirt (more than I'm used to wearing while dancing there that much).


Several goodies showed up in the mail. The the long long LONG awaited next installment of Omaha the Cat Dancer. Sixteen pages per installment, every three months, for at least 128 pages. Also the $$$ for a book I'm selling, an unopened pristine copy of Egan's An Unusual Angle. And also REDACTED's holiday present, the REDACTED.

This evening was my employer's annual winter holiday party. This year it was held at SafeCo Field (Seattle's major league baseball statium), in the ritzy rich folks viewing suite. The spread was first rate, tho the wine list was a disappointment.

We got taken on a fun tour, getting to go to the press room where all the teevee interviews are done, to walk out on the clay in front of the dugouts, and to wander thru the visiting team dugout and lockerroom. (Tours used to also include the home team clubhouse, but apparently some fans got sticky fingers, and that ended that.) The visiting team lockerroom has it's own weightroom, and it's own batting practice range, which we got to play with. Apparently, SafeCo Field's visiting team area is one of the nicest in the league, tho the home team clubhouse is reportedly even more plush, and also contains basically a first class diagnostic and stabilization hospital. Consider that it has two MRI machines in the "First Aid Kit".

Because she's a Seattle Mariners fan, I invited jezel to be my "and Guest" for the event.

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