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For the record, I don't like snow. I had my fill of it in Utah, Alaska, and Boston.

I'm at the Greenwood Chocolati Café. There is a little boy there, about 2, with his dad. His enunciation of the word cho-ko-lat is very clear and distinct.

I just got a pair of actually dress-up-nice slacks, for all the semi-formal events this season. They are very nice slacks, but I'm a little peeved at the retail clothing industry. Men's pant sizes are no longer trustworthy. I had to bracket sizes on waist and length to find a pair that fit right. If Levis ever starts to lie on their labels too, I'm going to be screwed.

Not all free wireless is equal. The free wireless at Café Vita, despite having excellent signal strength, is running thru a defective transparent proxy cache, has high latency, packet losses, and two out of three TCP session starts will fail. The free wireless at Chocolati Café is full, clean, fast, and hasn't dropped a packet in an hour and a half.

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