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Mark Atwood
I just heard my first piece of Holiday Musak today, the local Safeway was playing White Christmas. Ugh! Wait until after Thanksgiving, people!!! (Tho interestingly, while researching the song on Wikipedia, I just learned that Bing Crosby, who is still a better singer than anyone alive and on the pop radio dial today, was born down the road, in Tacoma. I've getting surprised by all the true musical talent that came out of the Pacific Northwest. Ray Charles got his start here, and of course there was Jimi Hendrix)

Birki really really loves crumbly goat cheese. No other treat ever has made her beg like she's been begging for pieces of Winey Goat. (update: That little MONSTER! While wasn't looking she silently had jumped the kitchen counter, opened the bowl I had the cheese under, stole the Winey Goat, dragged it out, and ate big bites of it!

I just got an email update from the folks I shipped my PDA off to for upgrade. They shipped it back yesterday. Hopefully this means I will have it back on Mon or Tues. Keeping a impromptu Hipster PDA is kind of cool, but not for scheduling stuff.

Yesterday I installed remind on amsu, and ported my existing calendar store over to it. Todo: write coldsync conduits so that it syncs up with my PDA. What I really want? To have something like this tool, but instead of it's own proprietary data file, instead just use directories and databases full of vCal, iCal, and xCal files. Throw an iCal file into the directory, and lo, have it sync into everything.
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superfangrrl From: superfangrrl Date: November 21st, 2005 02:24 am (UTC) (Link)
oh, that's ok.... WARM is already playin 24 hour christmas songs.
From: samildanach Date: November 23rd, 2005 08:22 am (UTC) (Link)
So I guess CPAN (or your library of choice) already contains a module that lets you talk to the Palm calendar datafile format, and the missing pieces are the remind<=>palm and remind<=>xcal translators?

On first pass it seems like dumping anything into remind form would be relatively easy, at least for a given range of dates; pulling anything nontrivial out of remind form could be arbitrarily hard, so you'd want to drive remind itself to dump out a simplified form, again for a given range of dates.

It seems surprising that something like this wouldn't already exist.
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